Validación panel oncológico

Horizon Webinar: Validation of an NGS Oncology Panel to Meet CLIA Requirements

Validación panel oncológico

Validation of an NGS Oncology Panel to Meet CLIA Requirements

-On demand-Webinar-

For labs looking to validate their oncology panel, our recorded webinar explains how one CLIA lab applied HDx Reference Standards during LDT development and validation to demonstrate their oncology panel’s performance.

Wath will you learn with this webinar?

  • An example framework for CLIA validation of an oncology panel
  • How AltheaDx proves the performance of the AOP™150 panel’s variant calling
  • How FFPE Reference Standards can support the validation of your oncology panel
  • Why there is a need to routinely monitor somatic variant calling

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¿Do you know what is new in Biosan? Certificates and videos

July 2016

ISO 9001 grande


We are pleased to inform you that last April, Biosan successfully pass its quality audition and received the certidicate ISO 9001:2009 for its quality management system.

You can find the certificate at Biosan web site.


Biosan pruducts new videos

Vortexes Biosan

Biosan has released new videos on the use of vortex V-1 Plus, V-32 y MSV-3500. Those videos show the features and benefits of these devices, besides presenting compatible accessories.

Watch videos

Also they premier new video about microplate reader MPP-96 and QuantAssay software

Biosan Lector de Microplacas MPP-96 B



New videos featuring microplace reader MPP-96 and QuantAssay software are ready. Videos contain a short overview of MPP-96 specification and extensive information about the software and its use. These short tutoriales show details about creating and runing an assay and how to get, export and save results.



Watch videos


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DNA fragmentation central to Dr. Keith Durkin’s research

DNA fragmentation central to Dr. Keith Durkin’s research

Dr. Keith Durkin fragmentación del ADN


Dr. Keith Durkin makes the Bioruptor® Pico an essential part of his new Illumina® compatible low cost library prep method:

High throughput sequencing has dramatically reduced sequencing costs and the development of duel indexing strategies makes it possible to combine 384 samples in a single sequencing run. By developing library preparation methods to enrich for retroviral integration sites and retroviral transcripts we have been able to produce large numbers of low cost libraries to track the evolution of infection and to characterise patterns of expression from our virus of interest. The Bioruptor® Pico has been essential part of our protocols and provides straightforward and consistent shearing of our samples.


 Read more.


Bioruptor PICO by Diagenode at

We have available the best product in the area of epigenetic to being distributors of such an important brand as Diagenode, bioruptor-diagenodeleader in this application.

The Bioruptor® PICO System is the perfect tool for the preparation of libraries for NGS and chromatin fragmentation.

It is a sonication system optimized for DNA and RNA fragmentation, previous step and necessary preparing the library for Next Generation Sequencing.

This system allows to get your fragmented DNA, up to 5 times faster than with any other method, also with great reproducibility impossible to achieve with a standard sonicator.

 Visit here our shop.
Our shop is just in spanish, if you need a quotation you can contact with


Exclusive offer Liebherr refrigerator!

You not melt in this heat

Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to get one of these refrigerators Liebherr, leading brand in the industry, with an unbeatable price.

Refrigerador ventilado LKv 3910

Ventilated refrigerator LKv 3910

– Capacitance: 344 l.
– Temperature range: from +3ºC to +16ºC
– Size: 600x615x1840
Digital display 0,1 ºC
Door open alarm / temperature / power failure with memory.

Price: 1680€ OFFER: 1272€
Offer valid until August 31, 2016.
Liebherr FKEX 1800Refrigerator FKEX 1800

– Capacitance: 180 l.
– Temperature range: from +2ºC to +10ºC
– Size: 600x600x886
– Consume (kWh/24h): 0,7 W



Price: 552€ OFFER: 444€
Offer valid till sold out



Liebherr FKEX 2600Refrigerator FKEX 2600

– Capacitance: 260 l.
– Temperature range: from +2ºC to +10ºC
– Size: 600x600x1216
– Consume (kWh/24h): 0,8 W

Price: 572€ OFFER: 486€
Offer valid till sold out

Diagenode CRISPR/Cas9 Antibody News

Four important reasons to use the anti-CRISPR/Cas9 antibodies

Using Cas9 antibodies has a number of important applications:

  1. Western blot: Level of expression of Cas9 after transfection
  2. IF or IHC: Correct localization of Cas9 in the nucleus
  3. Clone screening: Level of expression of Cas9 after genome editing
  4. ChIP: Detection of Cas9 system binding sites in the genome (on- and off-target)

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SPERMTRACK, The new counting chamber


Spermtrack cámara de análisis de espermatozoides

SPERMTRACK is a counting chamber for seminal analysis. It is been desiged for easy use in the microscope and cleaning.

They are available in various colors and offer the ability to customize them with your name on the bottom of the chamber.

Available several volumes: 10 and 20 microns deep for human clinical analysis.

The SPERMTRACK chamber is thinner than similar products. The condensed light microscope sample reaches more focused, improving the optical quality and preventing the generation of visual artifacts that appear in similar products.

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July is here and with it, our new summer schedule

July is here and with it we change our regular schedule 


Schedule: 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
From August 1st to September 1st and every friday July & September.

CLOSED for holidays on August 17, 18 & 19. 

We will be available at