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MissionBio: New Brand for DNA analysis

From now on people and companies who wish to purchase MissionBio branded products in Spain can do so through the Durviz. website. This entity will be responsible for, from now on, the exclusive distribution, for our country, of the products of the firm MissionBio. A highly valued brand in the field of single cell DNA analysis using Tapestri technology.

Tapestri technology is very useful for the study of disease behavior since in their development these infections mutate and it is necessary to know how they do it to improve in applications, their treatment and their resistance.


tapestri missionbio

To achieve this, MissionBio’s Tapestri system performs the following actions:

  1. Breaking mass limitations.

At this time, Mission Bio’s Tapestri system makes the average reading of conventional mass sequencing; average reading of conventional mass sequencing is performed; which means it loses the underlying genetic diversity in cell populations. To improve patient stratification, therapy selection and disease monitoring, we need information on the occurrence of mutations within each cell and this is what MissionBio offers us with this system.


  1. The industry’s first scalable, customizable single-celled DNA analysis platform.

Tapestri is presented as the industry’s first scalable and customizable single-celled DNA analysis platform. It should be borne in mind, at this point, that the Mission Bio Tapestri platform was developed to help advance precision medicine, as its application allowed for accelerated and accessible detection of genomic variability within and between cell populations.To do this, taking advantage of the patented microfluidic droplets, the platform unlocks access to DNA at the level of individual cells with a novel two-step protease workflow. Actions whereby this methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability in our work.

In this way, the Mission Bio Tapestri platform enables the advancement of precision medicine by enabling the rapid and accessible detection of genomic variability within and between mobile populations. Something that happens by taking advantage of the patented microfluidic droplet, the platform unlocks access to DNA at the level of individual cells with a novel two-step protection workflow.

With all this, this methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability.

And this platform has the following features:

  • SNV directed and accurate and so-called independent variants.
  • Single cell DNA performance up to 10,000 cells.
  • Simple workflow.
  • Easy-to-use bioinformatics software.
  • Fully customizable content.

How Tapestri platform works

tapestri missionbio

The Tapestri instrument divides thousands of cells into individual droplets, which act as mini reaction tubes that allow thousands of individual reactions simultaneously.

In this way, cell lysis and protease digestion then continue outside the instrument allowing access to DNA and proteins for downstream amplification.

In detail, the steps in which the work of this MissionBio system is developed are as follows:

Step 1: The Tapestri instrument divides the cells into droplets along with a mixture of protease enzymes. Cell lysis and protease digestion are then performed, outside the instrument, allowing access to DNA for downstream amplification.

Step 2: Cellular lysate is combined with pearls, primers and reagents with barcode. Specific regions of interest are amplified by labeling each enlargement with a unique cell barcode, preserving the cell’s identity and mutation profile.

Step 3: After running your sequencer, the system continues to use a subsequent analysis and visualization software.To do this, Mission Bio provides dedicated bioinformatics support to help you discover biological and clinical knowledge

So, if you want to improve research based on single-cell DNA analysis, trust MisssionBio systems. In this way you can obtain the most reliable results and be able to develop very efficient strategies against different diseases.

Comprar equipos de laboratorio en valencia

Buy laboratory equipment in Valencia

To buy laboratory equipment in valencia, the best option is to relay on an experienced company with sector prestige as Durviz.  This Valencian Company has been engaged in the development and distribution of diagnostic and research products since 1979.


Durviz Products fulfill a wide range of possibilities, highlighting those instruments intended for areas like Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, IVF Reproduction and Microbiology.


In any case, in Durviz SL you can also acquire necessary instrument for any kind of laboratory.

Buying laboratory equipment at the highest level

For a laboratory to function properly, specific equipment and equipment must be used. Objects and tools such as meters, distillers, agitators, filters, distributors, microscopes, scales, heaters, pipettes, centrifuges, etc.

All that is required for the development of research activities starting with the elementary, that is,   analysis and synthesis and reaching further treatment of the samples obtained. Since laboratories do not only have equipment to carry out the experiments themselves, but they also require instruments with which to preserve them and observe their development in the best conditions.

This is, without being polluted from the outside and reducing the risk of sample deterioration.

At Durviz we are specialized in laboratories of cell biology, epigenetics and cytogenetics, and we work with equipment that incorporates the highest technology to equip cytogenetic, epigenetic or cell biology laboratories.

buying laboratory equipment

ESTIGEN.- Array de tejidos manual

For Molecular Biology laboratories, Durviz offers the following equipment related with cell  culture:

  • Cell culture chambers
  • Instrumental for the development of high-density block construction of tissue microarrays quickly, accurately and efficiently.
  • Cleanising solutions.
  • Cell spatulas and scrappers.
  • Bottles for cell culture.
  • Multiwell Plates .
  • Plates for cell culture.
  • Tubes to centrifuge samples.
  • Machinery for defrosting samples in cryobags.

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For the development of cytogenetic tasks, in the Durviz company we can acquire:

  • Equipment to prepare metaphasic chromosomes automatically. Which increases the performance of labs of this type.
  • Machinery for the extension of chromosomes in metaphase. Their main advantage is that they provide optimal environmental conditions for preparation of the referred extensions. A fact that assures us that when the samples are dropped and the chromosomes are distributed on the microscope slides, they will dry consistently and reproducibly.
  • Automatic chromosome staining systems.

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In the event that we need to equip epigenetics laboratories, in Durviz we can acquire specific equipment and equipment such as:

  • Validated Antibodies.
  • DNA fragmentation machinery. Available in different sizes for the needs and volume of work of each of the laboratories.
  • Reagent kits
  • Machinery that performs the automatic preparation of bookstores.

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Durviz has a wide range of products to equip laboratories related to the areas of molecular biology, epigenetics or cytogenetics.

Durviz currently distributes material for both national and foreign territory, being one of the most demanded companies to buy laboratory equipment in Valencia and in the twenty countries with which it establishes commercial relations.

Kit Real de microbioma fecal

Real Kit of Faecal Microbiomes

Do you want to have the latest on the market to make a faecal microbiome? Do you want to work with maximum warranty products? Do not hesitate and acquire the Real brand Kit to carry this kind of tests. A way to ensure no failure on the obtained results.  

In fact, it was developed to be applied on a wide range of  areas like for example: microbiome analysis, RFLP analysis, mutations or even the need to identify pathogens. 

Faecal micobiome Real Kit Features

A microbiome  is a group of microorganisms, generally simbiotic, that are part of every human, animal or plant. In case of the human being we are talking about thousands of microorganisms that live with us every day, in and out of our body. That is, of microbial communities, genes and metabolites that colonize our organism. 

In order to study them and get to understand them as a support for studying a disease and its behaviour or how to treat it, several tests are carried. One of this tests is the human faecal microbiome study. A test also carried on animals that helps to prevent a wide range of issues and get to know a great variety of diseases.

At present, this test is being considered as essential on the development of really important investigations, specially on those realtes with predictions of patological states as obesity, cancer or cardiobascular diseases, neurodegenerative or respiratory, where professionals are making significant progress.

But also to relate diseases with some of our life aspects, in the begginig more secondary aspects. For example, Finding out if certain oral cavity diseases such as gingivitis are related to preterm births or low weight on birth. Eventhough at present time its applications are being developed for more areas and they will continue expanding on this matter for the following years.

 To carry this faecal microbiome study, it is necessary to purify the microbial dna, otherwise the study of it could not be carried out from different faecal samples. An aspect that is done without problems with the use of the Kit that the Real brand has developed in this sense. A Kit owning the following features: 


  1. In an optimal way, it develops a lisis method with a combination of: heat, quimical and mechanical lisis using specific beads. What it pretends to obtain is the perfect homogeneization of the sample. What is translated into, an isolation of the dna of yeasts, fungi, Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. 
  2. Its a simple and easy process that uses Microspin columns. 
  3. It has been design in order to obtain an efficient and fast micronbiome dna purification from several faecal samples. 
  4. No phenol nor choloform is used on its operation; not for extraction neither for ethanol precipitation, what means a preservation of the sample to avoid biased results. 
  5. It has a great capacity. This kit allows us to work with up to 200mg of human faeces. A different amount in case of animal samples, where it is recommended the reduction of  sample size which is between 80 and 100 mg. 

Kit Real de microbioma fecal

For all of the above, in Durviz, we offer the Real brand products to carry the study of faecal microbiomes. There is no other way to obtain the best results than using the best products from the best manufacturers. All of them can be found in Durviz in a simple click.