ADS BIOTEC.- HANABI-SA5000 UV Slide Aging System

The HANABI-SA5000 system is your best choice if you need to have an aging system of slides for the preparation of glass slides for the realization of chromosome analysis, It is a product of high quality that you can already buy in Durviz, with full guarantee.

If you don’t already know, it should be noted that the HANABI-SA5000 is a UV carrier aging system that performs the process that should happen in days, in less than a minute. And is that the company that does it, ADS Biotec, offers the most advanced technology in laboratory automation; which has made him one of the benchmarks of the market.

To suit your needs, HANABI-SA5000 can process five glass slides at once using sliding racks that are fully compatible with the HANABI-PV metaphase extension system.
This system has undergone many tests that have shown equivalence or improvement compared to the long time of the manual aging process, which is traditionally used in laboratories.

HANABI-SA5000 Advantages

HANABI-SA5000 it is a very interesting product for laboratory work since the aging of slides with UV light produces consistent samples, resulting in a high-performance and high-quality solution for dyeing slides or other analyses Further.

The HANABI-SA5000 processes up to five glass slides at a time using slide racks that are fully compatible with the automatic extender. So the HANABI-SA5000 system provides seamless integration from ex-retention to aging; including all of this from the preparation for tintion.

This whole process is done by HANABI-SA5000 in three simple steps, which are as follows:

  • Load of the carriers.
  • Setting UV exposure time
  • Pressing the home button of the device.


The technical specifications of the HANNABI SA5000 system are as follows:

  • Its slide lens has the following dimensions: a length of 76-77 millimeters; 26-27 millimeters, and a thickness of 0.8–1.0 millimeters.
  • It has the following UV setting range: 0.01 – 99.99 seconds.
  • The power supply voltage is 100-240 VAC; and its frequency is 50/60 Hz
  • The power consumption of this system is 20 W maximum.
  • The operating environment of HANNABI SA5000 has the following specifications: operating temperature: 15-25 degrees Celsius. With regard to relative humidity, it should be noted that it should be between 20 and 80%.
  • The storage environment in which this system must be must have the following specifications: a storage temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius and a non-condensing humidity of between 10-90%.
  • The entire system weight, including its remote control unit is 8 kilos


So, if you want to age carriers in a short time and speed up the procedures in your lab, do not hesitate and buy HANABI-SA5000. No doubt your clients and your research processes will win.

Remember that you can know more specifications of this product and many others that we offer for the development of similar activities in our online store. Visit us and you will be able to access high quality and high quality elements by purchasing them with all the guarantees through our website. And if you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll take care of you quickly.

The importance of the stool microbiome, soil, saliva or bacterial culture

The microbiome is revealed as one of the most important means in the study of a person’s body.It does not matter whether it is saliva, faeces, soil samples or bacteria. In all cases the importance of the microbiome is fundamental in the detection of diseases and in the configuration of various treatments. And the microbiome is fundamental to the proper functioning of our body.


It should be borne in mind that when we talk about microbiome we are referring to all the microorganisms and their genetic material. Microorganisms found throughout the body, and not just in the skin, intestine or mucous surfaces, as has traditionally been believed. We now know that it is also found in the tract, genitourinary, oral cavity, nasopharynx, and respiratory tract.

This is a broad concept with which we are referring to the whole habitat and not just the individuals that form it. This includes, for example, all microbial communities, their genes and metabolites, as well as environmental conditions found around each of the locations.


The importance of the microbiome in human health

His study provides important data about the person such as the type of diet he or she follows, the environmental factors to which he is exposed, the hygiene he maintains, etc. And is that they participate, for example, in actions as important and decisive of our body as are the following: the transformation of non-digestible foods into absorbable metabolites, in the synthesis of essential vitamins, in the elimination of toxic compounds, in the regulation of the immune system or in the strengthening of the intestinal barrier.

In addition, the nature of our microbiome evolves with us. The way we generate it is very complex but also through very different itineraries. One of them is our diet (determining in the formation of metabolites produced by gut bacteria that enter the bloodstream by absorption and enterohepatic circulation).

The formation of this microbiome is essential, for example, to control the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions of our body, for the regulation of the function of bowel barrier and for the production of vitamins and energy sources.

Hence, its study through faeces, saliva, crops or any other means is of vital importance in current medicine, an area in which it is intended to anticipate the onset of diseases and is refined in diagnoses and treatments.



In Durviz we are aware of the benefits of studying the human microbiome in today’s medicine, hence we have a large number of elements with which we can develop it properly. And always with a very small error rate. And it is that a fundamental part of the success or failure of this scientific procedure lies in the methodology that is applied. A well-designed working methodology is needed to carry out the collection of both samples and data related to each of the samples obtained. So that as much information as possible can be extracted.

To achieve this in Durviz we have a wide variety of materials with which we can perform analysis of microbiome in faeces, saliva, soil or bacterial culture. Sample of this are:



So, if in your laboratory you have clear the importance of the microbiome for people’s health, come to Durviz and you will find the best material on the market to develop your samples and extract data about it.