Diagenode CRISPR/Cas9 Antibody News

Four important reasons to use the anti-CRISPR/Cas9 antibodies

Using Cas9 antibodies has a number of important applications:

  1. Western blot: Level of expression of Cas9 after transfection
  2. IF or IHC: Correct localization of Cas9 in the nucleus
  3. Clone screening: Level of expression of Cas9 after genome editing
  4. ChIP: Detection of Cas9 system binding sites in the genome (on- and off-target)

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SPERMTRACK, The new counting chamber


Spermtrack cámara de análisis de espermatozoides

SPERMTRACK is a counting chamber for seminal analysis. It is been desiged for easy use in the microscope and cleaning.

They are available in various colors and offer the ability to customize them with your name on the bottom of the chamber.

Available several volumes: 10 and 20 microns deep for human clinical analysis.

The SPERMTRACK chamber is thinner than similar products. The condensed light microscope sample reaches more focused, improving the optical quality and preventing the generation of visual artifacts that appear in similar products.

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July is here and with it, our new summer schedule

July is here and with it we change our regular schedule 


Schedule: 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
From August 1st to September 1st and every friday July & September.

CLOSED for holidays on August 17, 18 & 19. 

We will be available at durviz@durviz.com.


Are you choosing the right sonication device?

Make a good sonication decision

Are you choosing the right sonication device?

Sonication is the fact sound energy applied for stirring particles in a sample, for several purposes. Ultrasonic frequencies (> 20 kHz) they are often used, especially in the process known as ultrasonication also.

In the laboratory, usually applied using an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic probe, colloquially known as an ultrasound device. In a paper machine, a sheet ultrasound can evenly distribute cellulose fibers and reinforcing the role.

The Bioruptor® Ultrasonicator has multiple advantages over all other sonication devices on the market.

Bioruptor PICO available in Durviz

Bioruptor PICO is a sonication system optimized for fragmentation of DNA and RNA, and necessary first step in preparing the library for Next Generation Sequencing.

This system allows you to get your DNA fragmented, up to 5 times faster than with any other method, and with great reproducibility impossible to achieve with a standard sonicator.

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Aytu & Esco Medical will attend ESHRE 2016

Visut us during the congress and learn more about the MioxSys for redox analysis in sperm samples.

We will also count with the attendance of Esco Medical, who will present its new products for IVF as well as their Miri Time Lapse incubator.

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New Real MiniSystem Total-Fix

Durviz launches its REAL Minisystem  for conservation and concentration of fecal parasites with the new media Total-Fix.
This new media free of Formaldehyde, Mercury and PVA also has the added advantage of being compatible with a wide variety of techniques such as ELISA, PCR and RT-PCR, FDA, permanent staining ….

Ask for samples to marketing@durviz.com

Distribution of HTG Molecular Diagnostics

Durviz announces  exclusive distribution agreement with HTG Molecular Diagnostics in Spain and the promotion of  NGS based products without RNA extraction.

EdgeSeq.- capture and preparation of libraries for miRNA, mRNA and DNA without extraction.
Panels: Immuno Cancer – Lymphomas (DLBCL COO) – Total Transcriptome Total –  Oncology Markers.

For more information contact: marketing@durviz.com