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Vitromed V-GRAD for sperm separation

If you are looking for products with which you can improve the research you develop in your fertility clinic, such as products with which you can carry out sperm separation, in Durviz we have everything you need.

It does not matter whether the work is carried out in the field of a laboratory or a research ed (clinical, university-research or veterinary in selective breeding). In all of them you can use it with total peace of mind and sure that the results you get will be very reliable. We only have first manufacturer brands, with all the warranty seals and having passed the respective controls of each of them.


Durviz products for sperm separation

In Durviz we distribute a lot of products with which we can carry out the separation of sperm, although one of the most popular is V-Grad from the company Vitromed.

This product is a sterile colloidal suspension of silica particles stabilized with covalently bonded hydrophilic silanes. That is, a density gradient, which allows to separate the seminal sample according to the ability of sperm to pass through different media with different density.

In this particular case V-Grad is concreted in a kit composed of two glass bottles of 12 milliliters and 40% of 80 milliliters each. V-GRAD is a product that carries endotoxin tested and that has a sperm survival test close to 80% in all cases in which it has been used during its study.
For better visibility during laboratory handling, this product is colored with phenol red. Which makes it easy to use at all times. It is a product that we can use in the long term, since the validity period of the sample that is handled is 18 months from the date of production.

Vitromed Quality

The efficacy of Vitromed products is widely accepted in the clinical sector. Hence it is one of the most prestigious of those that exist today. Not all producers can boast the following quality standards:

  1. As in all the products that we can purchase from the Vitromed brand, these are substances, tools and laboratory products made of medical grade polymers that are manufactured under clean room conditions, ensuring successful assisted reproduction.
  2. In addition, all of them have been sterilized by radiation according to the ISO standard. They have also been tested for toxicity prior to the release of the product on the market.
  3. All our laboratory products are tested for MEA and LAL. This is an added guarantee for the quality of the tests to which each of them have been subjected.
  4. It is a company that develops and manufactures micro tools, needles and many other clinically advanced laboratory articles used at all stages of assisted reproduction techniques (popularly known as ART). Hence, its research and development department includes experienced German scientists, opinion leaders and engineers who work as a team to develop quality IVF products. Minds that progressively output high-quality products that allow important advances in the field of assisted reproduction.
sperm separation. Durviz S.L.

If you are interested or interested in purchasing any of the products that we have in Durviz to carry out the separation of sperm, or any other of the Vitromed brand (we have many in our catalog that you can know online from your own home) contact us. We serve all of Spain and are exclusive distributors of the main companies in the sector.

INTRON: DNA/ARN Virus Purification Kit

Intron is a DNA and RNA extraction kit that is designed for the rapid and sensitive isolation of either of these two substances from a variety of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, etc.

It’s a versatile product. In fact, it works with all kinds of samples. Hence we can use it with plasma, with fresh or frozen blood (treated with anticoagulants other than heparin), with serum, with other body fluids free of cells and cells or tissues that have been infected with pathogens.
This DNA and RNA extraction kit is specifically designed to isolate high-quality nucleic acids from a variety of pathogens and samples using low elution and volumes that allow sensitive downstream analysis.
Once used, RNA or purified DNA is free of proteins and nucleases, thus being suitable for use in subsequent pathogen detection applications.

The DNA or RNA extraction kit uses the caxotropic salt in the immediately inactive lysis buffer DNasa or RNasa to ensure isolation of any of them intact. This also entails: greater efficiency of lysis (by not requiring additional additives), performing stable DNA or RNA extraction from various pathogenic samples; use a method without phenol and without the need for EtOH precipitation, and to be able to have in our laboratory the possibility of properly performing the extraction of samples in situations as disparate as forensic medicine or the diagnosis of diseases, among others.

To achieve all this, this extraction kit uses advanced silica gel membrane technology that allows for rapid and effective purification of DNA or RNA without organic extraction or precipitation with ethanol.  In addition, the damping conditions are finely adjusted to provide optimal DNA or RNA binding to the spine.

DNA and RNA extraction Kit Protocol

The procedure instructions for the extraction kit are very simple; allowing its users  to purify DNA or RNA from a wide variety of target sources in as little as 30 minutes. In fact, it is as follows:
1. Transfer 150 (300) μl  of plasma, serum, urine, cell culture supernatant, cell-free fluid or virus infection into tissue or cell in the 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube.
If the volume of the sample is less than 150 L, the sample should be set to 150 L with WATER treated with DEPC. If the volume of the sample is higher, 15 ml. centrifugal tube should be used.
2. Add 300 (600) μl  lysis buffer. If the volume changes, vary the quantity.
3. Mix by stirring in vortex for 15 seconds.
4. Incubate at room temperature (15-25 °C) for 10 minutes.
5. Add 300 (600) μl joining buffer and mix gently.
If the sample volume is greater than 150 He, we should increase the amount of bonding buffer.
6. Place a rotating column in a 2 ml collection tube provided.
7. Load the lyses into the column and centrifuge at 13,000 rpm for 1 minute.
8. Dispose of the solution in the collection tube and place the column back in the same 2 ml. collection tube.
9. Add 500 μl  of wash buffer A, to the column and centrifuge for 1 minute at 13,000 rpm.
10. Dispose of the solution in the collection tube and place the spin column back into the same 2 ml. collection tube.
11. Add 500 μl  of wash buffer B to the column and centrifuge for 1 minute at 13,000 rpm.
12. Discard the solution in the collection tube and place the spin column back into the same 2 ml. Centrifuge collection tube for 1 minute at 13,000 rpm.It is important to dry the membrane as residual ethanol may interfere with downstream reactions.
13. Place the column in a 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube without RNasa (not included), and add 30 – 60 l of elution buffer directly onto the centrifuge column membrane. It is important to dry the membrane as residual ethanol may interfere with downstream reactions. Do not touch the membrane with the tip of the pipette.
14. Incubate at room temperature for 1 minute, then centrifuge for 1 minute at 13,000 rpm.
15. Use 2-5 μl of elued solution as a template for PCR or RT-PCR.

DNA and RNA extraction kit. Durviz S.L.

In case you are interested or interested in purchasing this product, please contact us, Durviz.

Biocomma. Durviz S.L.


Biocomma is a means of transporting and preserving any virus (virus inactivation). A proposal with which it is possible to carry out the collection of samples, avoiding the risk of aerosol infection.

Y is that Biocomma is a solution that allows to inactivate the virus sample in time avoiding infections and protecting the RNA from degradation.

This system can be used for the collection and transport of samples from: clinical influenza, avian influenza, HFMD, measles and other virus samples as well as mycoplasma, ureaplasma, chlamydia and other samples.


Biocomma: Operation

The process we must follow when using Biocomma is as follows:

  1. Write the information that we consider important regarding the sample on the label. We must do this before we take the shot.
  2. Depending on the purpose of the analysis, the swab may be used to collect samples from the relevant parts.
  3. Put the swab in the preservation solution immediately after we have taken the samples. Then you have to break the swab rod and finally close the lid firmly.
  4. Once the samples have been taken, they must be transported to the laboratory within two working days of collection. The storage temperature should range from 2 to 8 °C. If it cannot be delivered to the laboratory within 48 hours, it must be stored at -70°C or less, and ensure that the collected samples are delivered to the relevant laboratory within 1 week. In any case, we should avoid repeated freezing-thawing cycles.
  5. If the samples cannot be analyzed within 24 hours of collection, they must be stored at -70°C or lower (if there are no storage conditions at -70°C, they should be temporarily stored in the refrigerator at -20°C).
  6. Samples used for virus isolation and nucleic acid detection should be processed as soon as possible.
Only by following these steps will we make the results we obtain from our samples as faithful as possible.
Biocomma. Durviz S.L.

Biocomma application

Sampling method

There are two sampling methods we will be able to use with Biocomma. The following:

a) Nasal hisopo. To do this simply gently insert the swab head into the nasal canal, remain for a while, then slowly turn outwards. Take a sample from the other side of the nostril with another sample, immerse the sample head in the preservation solution, break the sample rod and discard the top rod.

b) Throat torunda. In this case, just take a torunda of the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and the back wall of the pharynx, submerging the head of the torunda in the preservation solution, break the rod of the torunda and discard the upper rod.


It should also be borne in mind that the use of Biocomma should not be carried out in the following cases:

– It is not a product for internal or external use in humans or animals.
– Not to be ingested.
– It’s irritating to the eyes and skin. If it accidentally splashes in your eyes, we should rinse with water.
– We must maintain ventilation during use.
– This product is a colourless, clear liquid. If the properties change, such as yellow, it should not be used
– This product is for in vitro diagnostics only.
– The liquid in the sampling tube is the means for transport, so it is important that it is present and in good condition.
– Waste from the sample collection solution will be sterilized.
– No leak.
If you need or want to benefit from the benefits of this product contact us, Durviz.

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Please keep in mind our company will be closed from 17th to 21st September


Covid-19 quick test for IgG/IgM detection

You can now find covid-19 quick test for IgG/IgM detection in Durviz. An immuno lateral flow chromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against 2019-nCoV in human blood, serum, plasma or also in a lancet blood sample. This puts at our fingertips an effective method for rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 infection in the person undergoing the test.

And all this doing a comprehensive analysis of the composition of the elements in the blood. So the detection of COVID-19 IgM antibodies tends to indicate recent exposure to COVID-19, while detection of COVID-19 IgG antibodies indicate a later stage of infection. Information needed to perform epidemiological studies, as well as the degree of involvement the disease had on the person.
And it is widely accepted that IgM provides the first line of defense during viral infections, followed by the generation of IgG’s high-anity adaptive responses for long-term immunity and immune memory.
Covid-19 quick test

Covid-19 quick test: IgM efficiency

Immunochromatography is one of the most relevant immunodiagnostic techniques out there. Its main advantages are: the simplicity and speed of the test.
Y is that more and more applications are being made of this technique, both in the field of tests, because no reagents or additional instrumentation are necessary; and in the clinical field.
This action can be performed using a simple device developed to detect the presence (or absence) of a target compound in the sample (the matrix). Element that makes up this test. It consists of two components: an IgG and an IgM, which allow to detect the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies independently.
Its operation is simple and very effective since the region of the IgG detection line is coated by human anti-IgG, and when depositing the sample in the analysis area, the possible IgG anti 2019-nCoV present, react with colored particles coated with antigens of 2019-nCoV present in the cassette. The mixture migrates through the membrane by capillary and reacts with human anti-IgG antibodies in the test region reserved for IgG detection. If the sample contains IgG antibodies for 2019-nCoV, a colored line appears in the designated region of IgG as a result of this antigen-antibody bonding reaction.
Similarly, in the IgM detection line, human anti-IgM antibodies are attached, in the case of a positive sample for IgM from 2019-nCoV, the complex formed together with the 2019-nCoV antigens reacts with the anti-IgM antibodies and a colored line appears in the corresponding region.
If the sample contains neither IgG nor IgM, no lines will appear in the test areas for IgG or IgM, indicating a negative result. However, as a check to ensure that the sample volume used is sufficient and that the procedure has been successful, a third line appears in the control area.  
These types of tests are used for medical diagnosis and home testing, as well as in the lab.
Covid-19 quick test

Covid-19 quick test

A reliable and quality test

Given the importance of results in people’s lives and in the safety of their environments, special attention has been paid to test controls.
In fact, internal controls are included in the test. This is displayed on a colored line appearing in the control region (C) composing the internal control of the procedure. This ensures that the technique carried out is correct and that the sample volume used is sufficient. Control standards are not included in the kit, however, it is recommended to test with negative and positive controls as indicated by good laboratory practices to verify the test result.
REAL Centrifuge Model

Centrifuges for concentration techniques

If you are looking for a device with which you can perform concentrations in your laboratory, and by extension to be able to formulate adequate diagnoses with little margin of error, the concentration centrifuges of the Real brand, will surprise you pleasantly.

These are two models of centrifuges (BDT4 and BDT4-2) that will allow you to perform numerous actions with which you will gain time and effort in the daily tasks of your laboratory.
To get to know them in depth, in Durviz we have written this article with which we want to help you choose the model that suits you best.

Models of concentration centrifuges

Centrifugal to develop different concentration techniques are devices that allow you to perform laboratory tests in a short time and with high reliability.

The BTD4 model is a small concentration centrifuge, specially designed for human diagnostics.  It is portable and its operation is very simple. It is a tube-compatible device of up to 20 ml of the Real brand and reaches a speed of 4000 revolutions per minute.  Includes an 8-vial angular rotor of the same brand.

Works thanks to a maintenance-free induction motor.  In addition, this engine is suspended on rubber parts that reduces vibrations that may occur during operation.

REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4. concentration centrifuges

REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4

The BTD4-2 model is a concentration centrifuge designed for routine medical analysis of hospitals. It is a model that has a wide variety of accessories, which make them also compatible with the analysis work that is carried out in research processes.
Is a centrifuge compatible with tubes with capacity up to 50 milliliters. Like the other model of the brand, this device also reaches a speed of 4000 revolutions per minute.

It has a 50 milliliter Real Midi sistem six-pipe angular rotor, or for an oscillating rotor of up to 8 15 milliliter Real Midi System tubes.  Sus main physical characteristics are as follows:
  • It has an exterior metal structure.
  •  It has a series of rubber supports that reduce vibrations that can arise when in operation.
  •  It has a series of gas springs to prevent the door from falling.
  • You have an emergency release of the lid lock.
  •  It has a safety lock on the lid to prevent it from opening during centrifugation.
  •  Its operation is extraordinarily quiet.
  • It has a countdown timer that marks the times of each process.
  •  Allows the recovery of the data of the last set parameters.
  • Performs a self-diagnosis of errors in case they appear.
REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4-2. concentration centrifuges

REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4-2

Both concentration centrifuges are compatible with the Real brand Mini and Midi Sistem systems.

All these products allow to make a higher performance to the systems of obtaining, preserving and analyzing all kinds of human or animal samples. Especially those related to the tests of intestinal parasites from faecal samples, but not exclusively to them.

At Durviz Laboratories we put them at your fingertips so you can enjoy the features of both models.

To buy them you only have to enter our website and purchase them, once you have registered as a customer. We will take care of sending them to your home or the home you indicate, with all the guarantees and care that each product requires. And always at the best price. Remember, in this sense, that we are official and authorized distributors of the main brands manufacturers of laboratory products. Something that reinforces the way we work and that encourages us to continue to grow in the sector, where we already occupy a prominent place.

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Tapestri Designer 2.0, New Improvements to scDNA-seq Custom Design

How can you use an AI powered engine to design custom single-cell DNA panels in minutes? Mission Bio has just launched Tapestri Designer 2.0 and will walk you through the steps involved with creating your custom panel.

New features include:
Entire human and mouse genome. Great for early phase drug development.
Includes exons and introns. Perfect for CRISPR applications.

Join us to unlock the power of single-cell DNA sequencing for your research needs and receive a special offer code for attending.

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DNA and RNA extraction kit. Durviz S.L.

NOW you can buy the DNA-RNA intron Extraction Kit at Durviz S.L

In Durviz we offer you the possibility of having units of the Kit for the extraction of DNA and RNA of the Brand Intron, one of the most prestigious in the sector and with the most proven efficiency.

This tool will allow you to easily and quickly perform analysis of various pathogenic samples infected by viruses or bacteria found in substances such as plasma, blood, serum, cellless bodily fluids, cells themselves, tissues, etc.

These products are now more than ever necessary in the daily activity of laboratories around the world. But it is also necessary against premium products that ensure that the results we get from these tests are reliable and allow us to have data with which to put strategies in the right way.

intron kit extracción ADN -ARN

DNA Extraction Kit – Intron RNA

The Intron Brand DNA and RNA Extraction Kit is one of the most complete on the market. Compared to other analysis systems, those that allow the extraction of ADRs and ARNs from this brand offer the following advantages compared to other options that we can find on the market:

– It is a system that uses a low concentration of caótropic salt and better lysis efficiency. Something that does happen with the conventional products that we have in the sector. Especially those that focus on total RNA extraction.

–It has a greater efficiency of lysis without additional additives, which means obtaining results with greater reliability since there is less chance of contagion or alterations in them.

– It is very effective in the stable extraction of DNA and RNA from various pathogenic samples.

– It employs for its proper functioning, a method without phenol and without the need to perform EtOH precipitation

– It is an appropriate system for the extraction of samples such as forensic medicine and diagnosis of diseases, among many other actions.

dna rna extraction

With all this, this kit is used with total efficiency for the extraction of DNA and total RNA that is present in samples of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, even those found in plasma or anticoagulated blood, in serum, in cellless and cellless bodily fluids, as well as in pathogenic tissues, among many other alternatives. This makes it easy to induce lysis, and do so without using any additives.A goal that is achieved by this kit using substances such as mercaptoethanol. In addition, DNA and RNA extraction is faster and more efficient, as it is done by membrane columns. This means that DNA and RNA isolated through this analysis system can be used to perform clinical diagnosis of people and animals infected with diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Like, for example, Coronavirus.

Thus, the main – but not the only – applications of this kit are as follows:

-Detection of pathogens 


-PCR quantitative (qPCR, qRT-PCR)

-cADn synthesis

-Research of infectious diseases.

So, if you want to have top quality technology in your analyses, do not hesitate and buy this kit. You can find it in our product catalog and ask us for as many units as you need. We will take you to wherever you indicate with all the guarantees.

Remember that in Durviz we are specialists in the provision of laboratory material, a sector in which we stand out for having the exclusive distribution in Spain of several brands of international relevance.

COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit for detection of RdRP, E, N and RNaseP genes

There are many people who want to know if they are infected with COVID 19. And the fact that we can be carriers of the virus and not show any symptoms, is especially delicate when we work in sectors where we come into contact with many people hence the importance of having a COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit.


The RT-PCR KIT is an analysis kit that allows us to know if a person is infected with coronavirus. Remember that you have to be very scrupulous when selecting a virus with these characteristics since there are four genes in the Coronavirus family and you have to choose the test that best suits each one of them.

Each of the genes in the coronavirus family is known by the name of one of the letters of the Greek alphabet. In this case with the first four: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

Corona alpha and beta viruses can cause disease in both humans and animals, while others, such as the gamma and delta coronaviruses, only infect animals.

Well, the new coronavirus (specifically named as COVID-19) belongs to the beta gene family and is one of the new infectious coronaviruses that infects the human body as a pathogen of massive pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan, Hubei (China ) in December 2019. A disease that months later has become a pandemic and affects the population of the entire planet, given the speed and ease with which it spreads.

Hence it is especially important to diagnose an infection quickly, as there are no vaccines or antivirals approved for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. What can cause death in case, above all, that the infected person has diseases related to chronic respiratory tract.


Well, to be able to detect it in time and catch the disease at its beginning, there is nothing better than to test people with symptoms (or who have been close to those who have had it). And to carry it out the best is to have the most reliable test on the market: the COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit, a test that is validated by the Carlos III Institute (to which the National Center for Microbiology belongs)

The guiding principle of this kit is that you can detect the new coronavirus using the RT-PCR probe method in real time, through the reaction of the specific primer and the fluorescent probe in the sample.

In addition, this test can also detect the RdRp gene and the E gene, markers for the detection of new coronaviruses, so it is also a new way of anticipating the infection of other similar genes. In addition, the N gene suggested by the US CDC is included. and the RNaseP gene.

Its intended use is using sputum that accumulates in the lower airways, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL), or nasopharyngeal smear (NS) and oropharyngeal smear (OS) collected simultaneously in the upper airways.

Single cell analysis with TAPESTRI from Mission Bio

Tapestri ™
Plataforma de precisión para análisis de célula única
Las enfermedades complejas evolucionan, por lo que comprender la variabilidad genética – incluida la coexistencia de mutaciones a nivel unicelular – es de vital importancia para que los investigadores clínicos rompan el ciclo respuesta al tratamiento, resistencia y recaída.
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