Comprar equipos de laboratorio en valencia

Buy laboratory equipment in Valencia

To buy laboratory equipment in valencia, the best option is to relay on an experienced company with sector prestige as Durviz.  This Valencian Company has been engaged in the development and distribution of diagnostic and research products since 1979.


Durviz Products fulfill a wide range of possibilities, highlighting those instruments intended for areas like Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, IVF Reproduction and Microbiology.


In any case, in Durviz SL you can also acquire necessary instrument for any kind of laboratory.

Buying laboratory equipment at the highest level

For a laboratory to function properly, specific equipment and equipment must be used. Objects and tools such as meters, distillers, agitators, filters, distributors, microscopes, scales, heaters, pipettes, centrifuges, etc.

All that is required for the development of research activities starting with the elementary, that is,   analysis and synthesis and reaching further treatment of the samples obtained. Since laboratories do not only have equipment to carry out the experiments themselves, but they also require instruments with which to preserve them and observe their development in the best conditions.

This is, without being polluted from the outside and reducing the risk of sample deterioration.

At Durviz we are specialized in laboratories of cell biology, epigenetics and cytogenetics, and we work with equipment that incorporates the highest technology to equip cytogenetic, epigenetic or cell biology laboratories.

buying laboratory equipment

ESTIGEN.- Array de tejidos manual

For Molecular Biology laboratories, Durviz offers the following equipment related with cell  culture:

  • Cell culture chambers
  • Instrumental for the development of high-density block construction of tissue microarrays quickly, accurately and efficiently.
  • Cleanising solutions.
  • Cell spatulas and scrappers.
  • Bottles for cell culture.
  • Multiwell Plates .
  • Plates for cell culture.
  • Tubes to centrifuge samples.
  • Machinery for defrosting samples in cryobags.

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For the development of cytogenetic tasks, in the Durviz company we can acquire:

  • Equipment to prepare metaphasic chromosomes automatically. Which increases the performance of labs of this type.
  • Machinery for the extension of chromosomes in metaphase. Their main advantage is that they provide optimal environmental conditions for preparation of the referred extensions. A fact that assures us that when the samples are dropped and the chromosomes are distributed on the microscope slides, they will dry consistently and reproducibly.
  • Automatic chromosome staining systems.

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In the event that we need to equip epigenetics laboratories, in Durviz we can acquire specific equipment and equipment such as:

  • Validated Antibodies.
  • DNA fragmentation machinery. Available in different sizes for the needs and volume of work of each of the laboratories.
  • Reagent kits
  • Machinery that performs the automatic preparation of bookstores.

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Durviz has a wide range of products to equip laboratories related to the areas of molecular biology, epigenetics or cytogenetics.

Durviz currently distributes material for both national and foreign territory, being one of the most demanded companies to buy laboratory equipment in Valencia and in the twenty countries with which it establishes commercial relations.