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In Durviz you can buy products of the microbiologics brand.

Microbiologics is the name of a brand of high quality biomaterials that are used in laboratory actions. In fact, we can state without fear of error that it is the leading supplier of ready-to-use quality control microorganisms for quality control testing in the clinical, pharmaceutical, food and water industries. It is an American initiative that has been operating since 1971.

It has more than 900 strains available in a variety of easy-to-use formats, offering the largest and most diverse line of quality control microorganisms, including certified, qualitative, quantitative reference material and parasite suspensions.

Its products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. Hence, currently the company’s products have ISO 13485 certification, as well as ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34. In addition, Microbiologics is an establishment registered by the FDA, which is always a greater guarantee.

As highlighted by those responsible for Microbiologics on its website, this is an initiative that has, as its main mission, to provide biomaterials of the highest quality for a safer and healthier world. What directly links them to the most ethical part of biological research.

Microbiologics in Durviz

microbiologicsThose who wish to have products of this brand in their laboratories have only to enter the website of Durviz and know the wide range of items that can be purchased.

In this sense, we must highlight in particular those elements that are related to research in microtobiology (especially microorganisms for quality control). And is that this brand has a variety of products in this regard.

In Durviz, currently, you can buy:

KWIK-Stick. It is a widely recognized format that has more than 800 strains of microorganisms available. What multiplies the possibilities of work exponentially.

KWIK-Stick Plus. In this case, it is microorganisms with only two passes from a reference culture. They allow subcultures, which differentiates them from other similar products on the market.

Lyfo Disk. We speak at this point of lyophilized microorganisms for QC. It has a great variety; In fact, it has more than 750 strains of microorganisms available.

Lab-Elite Certified Reference Material. It is a mechanism to perform qualitative quality controls. Essential for use in ISO 17025 accreditations.

CQ Panels. They are commercial kits manufactured in accordance with the instructions of automated equipment such as Viket, Microscan, API, BD BBL, Roche Light Cycler, Bruker Maldi Biotyper, Nanosphere Virigene and many others. A guarantee of success and reliability.

Ports for QC. These are tools that include half drops of microorganism dried in the air and fixed with methanol or a single smear.

Suspensions of parasites. They are tools that are used for quality control of kits and techniques, for the performance of examinations, to be used under a microscope, for the development of stains, etc.

Helix Elite Molecular Standards. Tools with which you will carry out positive controls for the development of molecular studies. Their main characteristic is that they are easy to use, stable and of great quality.

So, if you want your laboratory to reach the best quality standards, do not hesitate and ask Durviz for Microbiologics brand products.

Contact us in durviz@durviz.com

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