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Pipettes and micropipettes in Durviz, quality and innovation

Durviz has just launched two offers in two innovative products of the Vitromed brand to the market. A series of pipettes and micropipettes that will make the work of research professionals in assisted reproduction laboratories around the world easier, safer and more efficient.


Single-channel pipettes of the Discovery Comfort series of several volumes

The single-channel pipettes of the Discovery Comfort series are high quality elements that have a traditional design with perfect ergonomics since the handle adapts to the hand, making them very comfortable to use.

In addition, they are safe and with them you will obtain exact results, they have a system of blocking the adjustment of the volume that prevents the unexpected change of the counter during pipetting. These single-channel pipettes can be purchased in various volumes from 0.2 to 10,000 ul.

Its main characteristics are the following: they contain identification rings; It has a double adjustment system; it has an adjustable height and volume ejector that is easy to read; They are autoclavable and resistant to ultraviolet rays.

In addition, you can now purchase these single-channel pipettes at a reduced price by purchasing them in our online store. And it is for the purchase of 4 Discovery Comfort single-channel pipettes, you can benefit from a 10% discount and we give you a horizontal stand so that you have them better stored in the laboratory.


Micropipette V Denupet

The V Denupet micropipette is an accurate capillary for denuding and pipetting assisted reproduction oocytes and embryos. One of the best that there is in the market and the one that has better valuations of the professionals of the sector.

And it is that V Denupet is one of the most precise capillaries that exist. It is especially interesting for the manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryos. It allows to work with precision of German engineering, guaranteeing us the best quality of our results.

V-DENUPET is manufactured under the ISO class 6 clean room standard. One of the most demanding in the market.

Hence, in the manufacturing process is controlled in five stages.

The main characteristics of the product are the following:

  • It is made of high quality medical polymers that give it flexibility and allows easy handling avoiding scratches on Petri dishes.
  • Guarantees precise sizes, minimizing the risk of oocyte degeneration.
  • Use different color codes for easy identification of sizes, which makes work much easier and lightens procedures.

These pipettes are packed in groups of 5 x 10 pipettes and can be found in different sizes. For example: product sizes Naked Pipettes for Oocytes / Embryos: 125, 135, 140, 150, 175 and 200 μm; manipulation pipettes for blastocysts: 275 and 300 μm; manipulation pipettes for oocyte-cumulus complexes: 600 μm

pipettesIn addition, as our goal is to serve science and laboratory work, depending on the customer’s requirement, we can supply other sizes. For that, it is enough that you contact us directly.

Also, if you are thinking about acquiring this product we have to communicate a novelty. And this summer you can get the Denupet Handle micropipette, which is offered as a gift with the purchase of ten capillaries box. It is a micropipette that is compatible with V-Denupets capillaries.

So, if you need pipettes and micropipettes and want to benefit from their offers, do not hesitate and visit the Durviz online store. There you will find everything you need with the guarantee of the Spanish company of the most prestigious sector in the world. Do not hesitate and visit us. Your procedures and results will improve noticeably in a short time.

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