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Microbiologics Trusted material for your laboratory

If you are looking for a brand that produces quality materials to use with confidence in your laboratory, do not hesitate and buy Microbiologics products. It is an accredited reference manufacturer that has such prestigious and complicated recognition as ISO 17034: 2016. In addition, according to the managers of Microbiologics, their products are backed by […]

The TPP Brand is the leader in plastic for cell culture

The TPP Brand: Leader in plastic for cell culture You can now buy the products of the TPP brand in the Durviz online shop. An excellent news for those looking for high quality consumables to carry out their research in the laboratory. Experts in cell culture. This company has been offering products for laboratories all over […]

Are you choosing the right sonication device?

Make a good sonication decision Are you choosing the right sonication device? Sonication is the fact sound energy applied for stirring particles in a sample, for several purposes. Ultrasonic frequencies (> 20 kHz) they are often used, especially in the process known as ultrasonication also. In the laboratory, usually applied using an ultrasonic bath or […]

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