DNA extraction kit from saliva at Durviz

Saliva is a substance that can give us a lot of information about a person’s state of health. At Durviz we know how interesting and reliable the data that can be extracted from a person’s saliva is, which is why we have products that facilitate its analysis. It is very important to have first-class products that help us to preserve the saliva sample without any contamination..

For this reason, in our virtual store we have products such as the Real Saliva Collection and Transport, one of the most popular on the market. This kit provides a fast and safe all-in-one method for the collection, stabilization and transport of saliva samples at room temperature.

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Easy collection, transport and processing of saliva samples.
  • Painless collection, and non-invasive (as opposed to other systems where samples are taken from patients).
  • Allows saliva samples to be stored for 2 years.
  • The saliva kept in this kit is preserved and ready to be sent.
  • It allows the subsequent isolation of DNA making it an element of excellent quality and integrity.

The operation of this kit is very simple and requires few steps, which speeds up the work in the laboratory. The first thing to do is to collect the saliva samples. This is done by simply spitting into the collection funnel that has been assembled with a collection tube. This eliminates almost 100% of the possibility of contamination.

After collecting 2 millilitres of saliva (container capacity), the content of the saliva preservation solution is added and mixed with the extracted saliva. Finally, the saliva collection tube is sent to the laboratory for further isolation and DNA analysis.

This is usually recommended with the Real Pure saliva kit, which follows the same protocol and
that you get unbeatable results. The saliva samples are kept stably for more than one year at room temperature and more than 2 years if these same samples remain within the following temperature range: -20ºC or -80ºC.


For best performance, the manufacturer also recommends the following for the
when saliva samples are collected and preserved:

1. It is advisable not to eat, chew gum, drink or smoke during the 30 minutes before the saliva sample is taken.
2. It is advisable to wash out the mouth with water and wait for 10 minutes.
3. It is better if the patient rubs his cheeks and the palate with his tongue before collecting the sample. This gesture is sufficient to stimulate the secretion of saliva.
4. Before starting to collect the sample, it is convenient to place the funnel in the saliva collection tube. Then just spit the saliva into the funnel until the liquid (not including the bubbles) reaches the 2 milliliter line in the collection tube. If there are excess bubbles, they should be removed by gently tapping the tube on a hard surface.
5. Remove the blue cap from the saliva preservation solution.
6. Add the saliva-conserving solution to the collection tube.
7. Close the saliva collection tube tightly to avoid accidents or contamination.
8. Shake for 15 seconds to thoroughly mix the products with the saliva.
9. Once this procedure is done, the saliva sample is now preserved and ready to be stored, shipped or processed.

For all these reasons, this new model of Saliva Collection Kit is one of the most popular on the market. And one of the most popular among laboratory professionals.

Microbiologics Trusted material for your laboratory

If you are looking for a brand that produces quality materials to use with confidence in your laboratory, do not hesitate and buy Microbiologics products.

It is an accredited reference manufacturer that has such prestigious and complicated recognition as ISO 17034: 2016.

In addition, according to the managers of Microbiologics, their products are backed by A2LA accreditation. A fact that means that customers who buy their products for the development of all kinds of tests and experiments, can rely fully on their performance and the results they produce.

And it is that each system or procedure undergoes numerous controls until obtaining the consistent and precise results that they consider opportune.
The quality controls are of such a level that laboratories that must comply with ISO 17025: 2017 standards can also acquire their materials. And they have this recognition too.

All this has led Microbiologics to establish itself as the best-considered supplier of laboratory materials in the world. Hence, for Durviz to be a distributor of this brand is a pride and a responsibility. Especially in terms of handling and care of the material, as everything we have in our catalog is of high precision and requires special treatment.

What is Microbiologics?

Microbiologics is the name of a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality biomaterials that are used in laboratory actions since 1971.

Its products are used in many areas, especially in the quality control tests in the clinical, pharmaceutical, food, water and educational industries.

The development of this American company has been increasing in recent years, now having more than 900 strains available in a variety of easy-to-use formats for researchers. Which leads us to affirm, without fear of being wrong, that Microbiologics is currently offering the largest and most diverse line of quality control microorganisms. This includes certified, qualitative, quantitative reference material and suspensions of parasites.

The two new strains that have been incorporated into its catalog were discovered and marketed only a year ago, which speaks highly of the commitment that Microbiologics managers have to the development of laboratory work. The last two strains were: Burkholderia cepacia and Escherichia coli NCTC 13846.

Microbiologics in Durviz, at your fingertips

So if you want to buy some of the products of this brand you just have to enter our website and order what you need. Especially wide is the variety of products that are related to research in microbiology (especially microorganisms for quality control).

Hence, we highlight especially products such as the mechanism to perform quality controls Lab-Elite Certified Reference Material; the CQ Panels kits; the lyophilized Lyfo Disk microorganisms; or suspensions of parasites.

All this always with the guarantee of being handled and stored in the best conditions and being able to order it and receive it wherever you need it in a very short time. So, if you need products for your laboratory, do not hesitate and acquire Microbiologics materials in the Durviz store.

Even if you need to buy products that you do not find in our catalog, let us know and we will mediate with the manufacturer so that it arrives in the shortest possible time. And is that this company has many areas of work and proposals for all types and needs.Microbiologics

ivf tech

IVF Tech available in Durviz

IVF Tech: now available in Durviz

You can now buy the assisted reproduction products of the prestigious German brand IVF Tech. A good news for those who develop their activity in this area, since their proposals facilitate the correct handling of samples as well as the proper growth of gametes and embryos. As the managers of the company explain on their website explaining their objective as an economic entity and their involvement in assisted reproduction procedures: “IVF Tech’s mission is to provide and ensure the best customized solutions for its In Vitro Fertilization laboratory; and provide a safe atmosphere with reliable temperature, humidity and CO2 balance. Give our customers the best service and quality in everything we do. “

Productos IFV Tech

In Durviz you will find some of the star products of the IFV Tech company. The most outstanding are:

         1. Incubator for In Vitro Fertilization.

These are high quality tabletop consumables that have been developed as multi-chamber incubators, which are available in several versions. You can buy them with 2, 4 or 6 independent cameras, depending on your needs. Its main quality is that they allow the safe control of the environment for the embryos offering them stability. This allows an optimal growth of the same. For this purpose, it has two gas sensors in the mixing chamber (CO2 + O2) to guarantee an optimal mix.

Each of the chambers that make up the incubator is heated individually, thanks to lower and upper pads that are individually heated. To control the temperature these incubators have a large mixing chamber for a quick recovery when opening and / or closing the covers of the same.

At this point it is also necessary to add that each camera adapts to a total of four plates, so that in total 16-32 plates are possible.

It is an incubator of low energy consumption in a stationary state. And for its operation does not need to perform a premix of gas, as it has a built-in gas mixer for CO2 and N2. Which is an interesting advantage for professionals who work with them daily.


Its maintenance is very simple since its cleaning is carried out effortlessly thanks to the advanced treatment that has been carried out on the surface of the cameras, which allows an impeccable work environment.


         2. Gas mixer system for incubators.

It is a system for mixing gases to control the environment while developing embryos.

It has a circulation pump that allows an optimal mixing and distribution of the gas, at an adjustable speed. In addition, it has a series of color coded alarms that allow detecting any deviation of the safety conditions and the parameters of the adjustment point. It also has a HEPA + VOC filter, which is accessible through a conveniently placed front compartment; and with gas inlet valves for CO2 or CO2 and N2.

It can be used for 4-6 2-chamber incubators.

It is a product compatible with IVF Tech brand incubators.


So, if you want to have the best technology for your assisted reproduction laboratory; Do not hesitate and get some of the proposals from IVF Tech. You can develop your activity knowing at all times how is each embryo or each sample. For this you just have to enter our website and tell us how many products you want. We’ll do the rest.