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Vitromed V-GRAD for sperm separation

If you are looking for products with which you can improve the research you develop in your fertility clinic, such as products with which you can carry out sperm separation, in Durviz we have everything you need.

It does not matter whether the work is carried out in the field of a laboratory or a research ed (clinical, university-research or veterinary in selective breeding). In all of them you can use it with total peace of mind and sure that the results you get will be very reliable. We only have first manufacturer brands, with all the warranty seals and having passed the respective controls of each of them.


Durviz products for sperm separation

In Durviz we distribute a lot of products with which we can carry out the separation of sperm, although one of the most popular is V-Grad from the company Vitromed.

This product is a sterile colloidal suspension of silica particles stabilized with covalently bonded hydrophilic silanes. That is, a density gradient, which allows to separate the seminal sample according to the ability of sperm to pass through different media with different density.

In this particular case V-Grad is concreted in a kit composed of two glass bottles of 12 milliliters and 40% of 80 milliliters each. V-GRAD is a product that carries endotoxin tested and that has a sperm survival test close to 80% in all cases in which it has been used during its study.
For better visibility during laboratory handling, this product is colored with phenol red. Which makes it easy to use at all times. It is a product that we can use in the long term, since the validity period of the sample that is handled is 18 months from the date of production.

Vitromed Quality

The efficacy of Vitromed products is widely accepted in the clinical sector. Hence it is one of the most prestigious of those that exist today. Not all producers can boast the following quality standards:

  1. As in all the products that we can purchase from the Vitromed brand, these are substances, tools and laboratory products made of medical grade polymers that are manufactured under clean room conditions, ensuring successful assisted reproduction.
  2. In addition, all of them have been sterilized by radiation according to the ISO standard. They have also been tested for toxicity prior to the release of the product on the market.
  3. All our laboratory products are tested for MEA and LAL. This is an added guarantee for the quality of the tests to which each of them have been subjected.
  4. It is a company that develops and manufactures micro tools, needles and many other clinically advanced laboratory articles used at all stages of assisted reproduction techniques (popularly known as ART). Hence, its research and development department includes experienced German scientists, opinion leaders and engineers who work as a team to develop quality IVF products. Minds that progressively output high-quality products that allow important advances in the field of assisted reproduction.
sperm separation. Durviz S.L.

If you are interested or interested in purchasing any of the products that we have in Durviz to carry out the separation of sperm, or any other of the Vitromed brand (we have many in our catalog that you can know online from your own home) contact us. We serve all of Spain and are exclusive distributors of the main companies in the sector.


Vitromed, German quality products in Durviz

It is already possible that you acquire in Spain the products of the German brand Vitromed. A company specialized in the manufacture of high quality products for use in the different steps of assisted reproduction.


Vitromed: the best of the German market

Vitromed is the name of a German company very popular among the most demanding laboratories. It is a medical manufacturer that has the ISO 13485 certificate of high quality medical grade products in the world of in vitro fertilization.

It is a business initiative that has the participation of veterans of in vitro fertilization and scientific researchers who have developed their work in the field of assisted reproduction. Between both teams working side by side and with the help of German precision technology, they have developed a sequence of quality products, guaranteeing the best results in the whole process of in vitro fertilization.

His work philosophy is based on scientific commitment, above lucrative interest. Thus, they explain on their website, what. “More than business we believe in social commitment.” Hence, they affirm that their greatest asset is their research and development team. A space in which they have a panel of scientific advice formed by renowned doctors, scientists, embryologists and parallel engineers, with whom they focus their daily work to maintain the highest quality standards and thus guarantee the continuous increase of the quality of their products.


Vitromed in Durviz

If you want to count on the products of this German brand, do not hesitate and visit the Durviz online shop. Here you can find a wide variety of instruments with which to develop your in vitro fertilization work with all the guarantees.

One of these products is, for example, V Denupet. It is an accurate capillary to strip and pipette oocytes and embryos. Currently, it is one of the most precise capillaries for the manipulation and transfer of oocytes and embryos. It is a product that is manufactured under the ISO class 6 clean room standard. The manufacturing process is controlled in five stages of the entire process.

It is a product that has been made with high quality medical polymers that gives flexibility and easy handling avoiding scratches on Petri dishes, a particularly relevant aspect. One of its main advantages is that it guarantees precise sizes, which minimizes the risk of degeneration of the oocytes. It comes in different color codes for easy identification of sizes. In addition, depending on the needs of each client, other sizes can be served that are not currently included in the catalog but do exist.

Other flagship products of the brand are:

V Oil. It is a light paraffin oil, ready to use in ART procedures and applicable for short and long-term cultures of up to 6 days.


V Sperm Morpho Slide

V Sperm Morpho Slide. A series of pre-dyed slides that are used for the evaluation of sperm morphology. Its main advantage is that it provides a pure and clear exposure of the sperm anatomy for the correct evaluation of the sperm morphology.
V Markers. These are permanent markers to mark plates, tubes, straws used in in vitro fertilization procedures. They are available in black, red and blue. They are very easy to recognize since the pencil is color coded. They are not toxic and are free of xylene. They do not stain and dry quickly.

So, if you want German quality products in your daily work, do not hesitate and ask for Vitromed products in Durviz. You will not regret!