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The REAL brand at the forefront of laboratory analysis

The REAL brand is a trademark that is at the forefront of laboratory analysis. It is a Spanish brand, located in the province of Valencia (specifically in the area of ​​Manises, in the Technological Park of the area), which develops products for laboratory work highly appreciated by professionals in the sector for its high quality and effectiveness.

Real is a commercial seal of the company Durviz, the first entity to commercially dedicate itself to the development of PCR kits under the license of Roche laboratories. It was the year 1991 and this activity was the starting point for the creation of the REAL brand.


REAL and molecular biology

Since the early nineties of the twentieth century, the REAL brand has developed and increased the number of kits and solutions offered for work in molecular biology laboratories around the world. An activity that has always done following the demands of the market and working closely with their customers to adjust their elaborations to the needs that were emerging in a sector as changing as the molecular biology, where new possibilities for research always arise.

A bet that has led them to be at the forefront of laboratory analysis. And it is that the molecular biology kits that are being used in the most important research centers in Spain are of the REAL brand. This makes Durviz, today, one of the companies best valued by research professionals. A fact that leads us to continue to launch new research proposals and develop new work tools to facilitate the work of professionals.


REAL and other lines of work

In 2003, the REAL brand launched a Parasitology line. It was the moment in which they developed their first parasite collector, called «El Universal». Its launch was very well received and it was a really innovative product at the moment, and its appearance contributed to the collection and fixation of parasites with a cleaner, faster and more closed system.

Later, in 2010, REAL launched the new system, called «El Mini» on this occasion. This proposal was made following the needs that were in this area. That is to say: the creation of a smaller, faster and cleaner system than in what competition offered so far. And it is that using a smaller collector tube involves the use of less volume of reagents, which makes the work much more environmentally friendly while saving space.

realThe last product that the REAL brand has launched to the market is the MiniSystem Total-Fix. A proposal that provides a means for the fixation of parasites without Formaline, PVA and Mercury. Demands made by laboratory professionals for many years and that is now possible thanks to Durviz and the research and development professionals working at REAL.

So, if you want your laboratory to have the most innovative products, which offer greater reliability in the results using fewer reagents and occupying less space in the already crowded work spaces.

But what we have outlined here is a minimum of everything that the REAL brand offers to the scientific community. On the website of the same (https://reallaboratory.com/) you can know many more products and solutions that, surely, will give you more than one happiness.

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