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The TPP Brand is the leader in plastic for cell culture

The TPP Brand: Leader in plastic for cell culture

You can now buy the products of the TPP brand in the Durviz online shop. An excellent news for those looking for high quality consumables to carry out their research in the laboratory. Experts in cell culture.

This company has been offering products for laboratories all over the world for more than 50 years, being recognized today in the sector as one of the most serious and committed to the quality of results.
TPP was born in Switzerland in the year 196 and since then it has not stopped growing and developing varieties of products for cell culture and other scientific work.


What is the TPP brand?

The TPP brand is a Swiss company specialized in the realization of virgin plastic elements of maximum purity and quality, which comply with the requirements of Class VI of the Pharmacopoeia (USP). To achieve this, the TPP company does not intentionally use or incorporate sliding agents, biocides, plasticizers or additives in all the materials that its operators use to produce products that leave their factories.

In Durviz you will be able to find and acquire a good part of what you have for the development of cell cultures. In this sense we must highlight products such as the following: plates, cell culture flasks, multi-well plates, serological pipettes, cell measuring tubes, tubes for tissue culture, syringe filters, spatulas, centrifuge tubes, or escrapers, among many others.

cell culture

We must also mention the product known as mycoplasma elimination agent (MRA) with which you can end the problem of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. A liquid that is very useful for those who develop their research work.

To guarantee its state of neatness all TPP company products are supplied sterile and optionally the customer can purchase them with «triple bagging» for greater security in the reception of the package. What it means to gain in reliability with the results.

cell culture

In all cases, the products of this brand must be stored in a space with a specific humidity, safe from bumps, breaks or any external contamination, as they are very fragile. For this, the brand offers the possibility of acquiring protective boxes in which to properly store the products they make, protecting from the sun and light all of them. These boxes are available in different sizes to adapt to the needs of each laboratory, from the smallest to the one that has a great activity.

What is cell culture?

In general, the so-called «cell culture» is used in reference to the culture of cells isolated from multicellular eukaryotes, especially as regards animal cells. An environment in which they are used with certain specific objectives such as finding new vaccines, investigating in the environment of immunology, the production of products for transplants or their maintenance before making them, etc.

So, if we look for the means and the utensils with which to be able to properly perform cell cultures; The TPP brand is the best of the existing ones in the market. And in Durviz you can buy them without problems. You will receive them when you need them and with all the guarantees of working with professionals of products from the research sector in laboratories.


And, if you do not find any of their products, do not hesitate. You entrust it to us and we bring it directly to you from the factory.

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