Vitromed products in Durviz

Vitromed is the name of a German company dedicated, for decades, to the manufacture of medical and laboratory products. A sector in which they have specialized hard with regard to In Vitro Fertilization. In fact, Vitromed is currently one of the main manufacturers of materials for this medical activity, including laboratories and scientific researchers.

Vitromed believes that, in order to achieve this degree of quality, it is necessary to involve the entire scientific community. Hence, currently working in the company recognized doctors, scientists, embryologists and engineers, among many others. All of them collaborate to ensure that the products manufactured by Vitromed maintain the highest quality standards and guarantee the continuous increase of the quality of our products. Hence, they currently have ISO 13485.

Vitromed: Maximum guarantee

Vitromed’s laboratory equipment is made of medical grade polymers and is manufactured in exceptional hygienic conditions, ensuring successful assisted reproduction. And sample analysis with a high degree of reliability.

In addition, all brand materials are sterilized by radiation according to the ISO standard and are tested to determine their toxicity before releasing the product. Hence, they state on their website: “All our laboratory equipment is tested for MEA and LAL”. Reason why they are preferred by most laboratories that deal with assisted reproduction.

In addition, the German company Vitromed also develops and manufactures clinically advanced micro-tools, needles and laboratory devices that are used in all stages of Reproduction Techniques.

Vitromed in Durviz

In Durviz we are official distributors of the products of the Vitromed brand because we have in our immense catalog with the best manufacturers in the market. That is why we can serve all your products quickly and efficiently. In the case of Vitromed, it should be noted that in Durviz we pay special attention to the proposals that have been developed in the field of fungible material to favor handling and transfer.

In this regard we note that the products we have are:

For micromanipulation of samples:
• V-DENUPET, a micropipette for manipulation of oocytes
• V-ICSIPE a micro tool for ICSI.

In Durviz we also have a wide variety of laboratory materials (all products tested MEA, LAL and sterilized by gamma radiation as mentioned above and not all manufacturers submit their proposals). The most outstanding are:

• V-TRANSIN, which allows the controlled release of embryos. They have a volume of one milliliter.
• V-GLASSPET, sets of 25 pipettes per bag that have a volume capacity of 2 milliliters.
• V- MORPHOSLIDE, pre-tinted slides for the study of sperm morphology.
• V-MARKER, permanent markers non-toxic and free of xylene.

Finally, in Durviz we also have a series of reactive products for assisted reproduction that also have the Vitromed guarantee. It’s about the V-OIL oil. A substance that is used in ART procedures and short and long term cultures.

All the products that we use from Vitromed, have a quality mark of the European Union. So, if you are looking for quality products with which to make assisted reproduction, do not hesitate and visit the Durviz website. Surely you will find what you are looking for. And we have the best international suppliers in the sector. A privilege that sets us apart from the rest of the market.