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Martes 16 Junio 2020

Tapestri Platform Resolves Clonality of Heterogeneous Mouse Organoid Cancer Model through Single-Cell DNA Sequencing of Lentiviral Barcodes

The use of model organisms and patient-derived xenografts (PDX) are valuable tools in advanced preclinical oncology research for disease progression and drug development. Bladder cancer is caused by upwards of 5 mutations or more in the same tumor. Dr. John Lee, of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, sought to better understand which combinations of mutations were critical by leveraging a mouse model, organoids, and gene editing approaches. His lab investigated and annotated the functional contribution of genetic alterations using mouse xenograft models and a custom single-cell DNA sequencing panel.

16 jun 2020 06:30 PM en Madrid


Martes 2 Junio 2020

Tapestri Designer 2.0, New Improvements to scDNA-seq Custom Design

How can you use an AI powered engine to design custom single-cell DNA panels in minutes? Mission Bio has just launched Tapestri Designer 2.0 and will walk you through the steps involved with creating your custom panel.

New features include:
Entire human and mouse genome. Great for early phase drug development.
Includes exons and introns. Perfect for CRISPR applications.

Join us to unlock the power of single-cell DNA sequencing for your research needs and receive a special offer code for attending.

2 jun 2020 06:30 PM en Bruselas


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