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Centrifuges for concentration techniques

REAL Centrifuge Model

If you are looking for a device with which you can perform concentrations in your laboratory, and by extension to be able to formulate adequate diagnoses with little margin of error, the concentration centrifuges of the Real brand, will surprise you pleasantly.

These are two models of centrifuges (BDT4 and BDT4-2) that will allow you to perform numerous actions with which you will gain time and effort in the daily tasks of your laboratory.
To get to know them in depth, in Durviz we have written this article with which we want to help you choose the model that suits you best.

Models of concentration centrifuges

Centrifugal to develop different concentration techniques are devices that allow you to perform laboratory tests in a short time and with high reliability.

The BTD4 model is a small concentration centrifuge, specially designed for human diagnostics.  It is portable and its operation is very simple. It is a tube-compatible device of up to 20 ml of the Real brand and reaches a speed of 4000 revolutions per minute.  Includes an 8-vial angular rotor of the same brand.

Works thanks to a maintenance-free induction motor.  In addition, this engine is suspended on rubber parts that reduces vibrations that may occur during operation.

REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4. concentration centrifuges
REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4

The BTD4-2 model is a concentration centrifuge designed for routine medical analysis of hospitals. It is a model that has a wide variety of accessories, which make them also compatible with the analysis work that is carried out in research processes.
Is a centrifuge compatible with tubes with capacity up to 50 milliliters. Like the other model of the brand, this device also reaches a speed of 4000 revolutions per minute.

It has a 50 milliliter Real Midi sistem six-pipe angular rotor, or for an oscillating rotor of up to 8 15 milliliter Real Midi System tubes.  Sus main physical characteristics are as follows:
  • It has an exterior metal structure.
  •  It has a series of rubber supports that reduce vibrations that can arise when in operation.
  •  It has a series of gas springs to prevent the door from falling.
  • You have an emergency release of the lid lock.
  •  It has a safety lock on the lid to prevent it from opening during centrifugation.
  •  Its operation is extraordinarily quiet.
  • It has a countdown timer that marks the times of each process.
  •  Allows the recovery of the data of the last set parameters.
  • Performs a self-diagnosis of errors in case they appear.
REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4-2. concentration centrifuges
REAL Centrifuge Model BTD4-2

Both concentration centrifuges are compatible with the Real brand Mini and Midi Sistem systems.

All these products allow to make a higher performance to the systems of obtaining, preserving and analyzing all kinds of human or animal samples. Especially those related to the tests of intestinal parasites from faecal samples, but not exclusively to them.

At Durviz Laboratories we put them at your fingertips so you can enjoy the features of both models.

To buy them you only have to enter our website and purchase them, once you have registered as a customer. We will take care of sending them to your home or the home you indicate, with all the guarantees and care that each product requires. And always at the best price. Remember, in this sense, that we are official and authorized distributors of the main brands manufacturers of laboratory products. Something that reinforces the way we work and that encourages us to continue to grow in the sector, where we already occupy a prominent place.

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