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Durviz distributes the Biolidics brand

In the Durviz online store you can now buy products from the brand Biolidics, a medical technology company based in Singapore, which focuses on the development of cellular enrichment systems.

Works that, when combined with other analytical tests, have a wide range of applications for cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment selection and monitoring of the treatment to be applied. This is excellent news for the sector, especially for those research groups and laboratories that work in the field of cancer. And it is that it greatly facilitates the daily work and work with different samples affected by this disease.

Biolidics: Study of cancer cells

In this regard, it should be noted that the Biolidics company has developed and commercialized a fully automated IVD medical device known as the ClearCell® FX1 system. A proposal of this company of the biological sector that is based on a new technology patented by themselves with which we can separate and enrich the cancer cells of the blood.

The ClearCell® FX1 system from Biolidics allows those who use the system to perform liquid biopsies to evaluate the presence of cancer cells (specifically circulating tumor cells or CTC) in blood samples or perform additional tests on cancer cells.

This system of the company Biolidics is a fully automated device that allows the recovery of cells as well as to separate and enrich circulating tumor cells totally intact and viable small amounts of blood. It is driven by a single-use microfluidic biochip.


In this regard, it should also be noted that liquid biopsies  (the development of analysis of circulating tumor cells in blood samples) have many applications throughout the different stages of a patient’s cancer. Thus, it has been shown that they are especially useful from the detection and staging of cancer in the body of the person, to the moment in which personalized treatment and monitoring after the detection of cancer begins.


Advantages of Biolidics products

The ClearCell® FX1 system allows the enrichment of samples without labels. What allows to recover heterogeneous populations of CTCs; leaving them ready for integration to several subsequent applications.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a continuous flow of samples. What it means to leave the cells intact and viable to continue working with them.

And all this is done by the system using an automatic, consistent and reproducible system, which processes quickly in a short period of time.

The advantages offered by the ClearCell® FX1 system in different cancer studies have led to its use in academic and research institutes, hospitals and laboratories around the world to develop theses around this disease.


Another of its attractions is the security they offer over the results. This is due to the quality control systems of Biolidics. A fact that has earned him several recognitions such as: ISO 13485 certification, CE-IVD, Class I registration of the FDA of the United States and registration of Class I of CFDA (for the MGI EasyCell system).

So, if you want to purchase materials from this pioneer company in material to find tumor cells circulating through the bloodstream, do not hesitate and visit the Durviz website. In it you can find many of its most innovative products such as the aforementioned ClearCell FX1 with which you can perform liquid biopsies in your research work. An advantage for those who work in this medical field.

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