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COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit for detection of RdRP, E, N and RNaseP genes

There are many people who want to know if they are infected with COVID 19. And the fact that we can be carriers of the virus and not show any symptoms, is especially delicate when we work in sectors where we come into contact with many people hence the importance of having a COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit.


The RT-PCR KIT is an analysis kit that allows us to know if a person is infected with coronavirus. Remember that you have to be very scrupulous when selecting a virus with these characteristics since there are four genes in the Coronavirus family and you have to choose the test that best suits each one of them.

Each of the genes in the coronavirus family is known by the name of one of the letters of the Greek alphabet. In this case with the first four: alpha, beta, gamma and delta.

Corona alpha and beta viruses can cause disease in both humans and animals, while others, such as the gamma and delta coronaviruses, only infect animals.

Well, the new coronavirus (specifically named as COVID-19) belongs to the beta gene family and is one of the new infectious coronaviruses that infects the human body as a pathogen of massive pneumonia that occurred in Wuhan, Hubei (China ) in December 2019. A disease that months later has become a pandemic and affects the population of the entire planet, given the speed and ease with which it spreads.

Hence it is especially important to diagnose an infection quickly, as there are no vaccines or antivirals approved for prophylactic or therapeutic purposes. What can cause death in case, above all, that the infected person has diseases related to chronic respiratory tract.


Well, to be able to detect it in time and catch the disease at its beginning, there is nothing better than to test people with symptoms (or who have been close to those who have had it). And to carry it out the best is to have the most reliable test on the market: the COVID-19: RT-PCR Kit, a test that is validated by the Carlos III Institute (to which the National Center for Microbiology belongs)

The guiding principle of this kit is that you can detect the new coronavirus using the RT-PCR probe method in real time, through the reaction of the specific primer and the fluorescent probe in the sample.

In addition, this test can also detect the RdRp gene and the E gene, markers for the detection of new coronaviruses, so it is also a new way of anticipating the infection of other similar genes. In addition, the N gene suggested by the US CDC is included. and the RNaseP gene.

Its intended use is using sputum that accumulates in the lower airways, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL), or nasopharyngeal smear (NS) and oropharyngeal smear (OS) collected simultaneously in the upper airways.

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