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INTELSIUS PathoPak, biological samples container

INTELSIUS PathoPak is a revolutionary container specially designed for biological samples. Hence, it is one of the preferred products by professionals who work in laboratories around the world. Especially now with the great workload that has flourished as a result of Covid 19. And this container is also suitable for the transport of these samples.

So that you can know its main characteristics and how it should be handled correctly, at Durviz we have written this article in which we explain all the basic data.


INTELSIUS PathoPak, biological samples container

PathoPak is a container for biological samples characterized by its residence and easy handling. A work that has been possible thanks to the research of the Intelsius brand, responsible for its manufacture.

In addition, it is a highly durable and protective product that is ergonomically designed with an equal circumference throughout. What facilitates the packaging and the extraction of the samples that are manipulated in the laboratory work.

It is a product suitable for shipping a wide range of primary products, including: blood tubes, sample containers, swabs, collection bags or for blood transfusion; as well as medical devices. All this makes PathoPack a rigid reusable system but also a cost-effective solution for laboratory work.

Specific features of PathoPak

PathoPak solutions are available in three different sizes. These are: 1 liter, 2 liter and 3 liter, ensuring that the payload can be conveniently stored in the chosen solution. Which in turn leads to the minimization of volumetric weight and reduces transportation costs.

For added content security, the PathoPak screw cap takes one and a half turns to open. In addition, it has a non-conical opening so that an easy extraction of the samples we have collected can be developed.

All sizes of PathoPak are suitable for the compliant transport of UN3373 Category B infectious substances. Of course, using innovative features.

If you want to check its effectiveness, you can request samples. Simply contact a member of our customer service team or check out our blog for the latest news and information on IATA and ADR dangerous goods transport regulations.

In this sense, it must also be remembered that it is a product suitable for complete Category A and Category B solutions.


Supplied components

All PathoPak packages contain the following:

  • A rigid secondary pressure vessel of 95kPa that complies with IATA, the most demanding on the market.
  • An outer box printed according to the transport regulations.
  • An absorbent.
  • Bubble wrap.
  • Infectious class label.
  • Label with security seal.
  • Information about the PathoPak product range in case you need anything else.


Guaranteed product

The PathoPak range is certified by the UN for category A shipments, complying at all times with IATA, ADR and CFR 49 (DOT) transport regulations. And also ensuring optimal protection for your sample regardless of its classification.

Additionally, each PathoPak has met and passed UN performance testing criteria, allowing any primary container to be transported.

For all this, at Durviz we put it at your fingertips, aware that with this we are going to facilitate many daily lab work tasks.

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