IVF TECH, multichamber IVF incubators

In Durviz we have one of the best models of benchtop incubators on the market: the IVF TECH multi-chamber. It is a model with remarkable improvements over other products that preceded it and that saves time in laboratories, also improving the reliability of the results obtained in the process of work related to in vitro fertilization.

So that you can get acquainted with them in Durviz we have written the following article in which we present its most outstanding features, so that you can assess if it is interesting its acquisition for your laboratory.


IVF TECH, multichamber incubators: Features

The IVF TECH model, one of the newest in terms of benchtop incubators is a system that stands out for its optimal performance.


ivf tech

For this purpose it has the following characteristics:

– Ensures safe environmental control for embryos. This ensures greater optimal growth potential due to stable environment, stable temperature and atmosphere generated by this benchtop incubator.

Each camera fits 4 plates, so a total of 16-32 plates are possible. Which means gaining in efficiency and performance in everyday work.

– The chambers are heated individually. The same is true for the lower and upper pads, which are heated in a particular way.

– This system has two gas sensors in the mixing chamber to ensure optimal mixing.

– This incubator has a number of setpoints for temperature and gas, allowing you to monitor at all times the process that is taking place in the system.

– This incubator has temperature and gas offsets.

–It has a large mixing chamber for quick recovery when opening and/or closing the caps where the embryos are stored.

ivf tech

IVF TECH  has different dedicated gas sampling ports for each chamber.

Its filtered air current is HEPA VOC.

– For proper operation it does not need gas premixing, and this system has a built-in gas mixer for CO2 and N2.

– It has low pressure CO2 N2 inlet gases.

–In order to avoid an increase in the light bill, the IVF TECH  system is a low-power device in a steady state (95W) at 37 degrees Celsius.

–We can perform temperature control in a stable way, with rapid recovery.

– Stable and precise gas control is possible, making it easy to recover them quickly.

– For the development of its work the system employs low gas consumption (CO2:, 5 L / h, N2: <3.0 L / h)

– The maintenance and cleanliness of the system is essential, hence its inventors have designed procedures to carry it out effortlessly. This is possible thanks to the advanced surface treatment of the cameras, allowing for an impeccable working environment.

To make these incubators fit your work rate, they are available with 2, 4 or 6 separate compartments, multiplying their possibilities of use.

The system, in its entire weight, has an approximate weight of 56 kilograms. Although a packaging reinforcement system has been used for shipment that raises the weight of the block to 76 kilograms.

So, if you want to work with full guarantee and shorten the times of the procedures in in vitro fertilization, do not hesitate and buy in IVF TECH, one of the best bench incubators on the market. You can learn more by visiting our website.