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NOW you can buy the DNA-RNA intron Extraction Kit at Durviz S.L

In Durviz we offer you the possibility of having units of the Kit for the extraction of DNA and RNA of the Brand Intron, one of the most prestigious in the sector and with the most proven efficiency.

This tool will allow you to easily and quickly perform analysis of various pathogenic samples infected by viruses or bacteria found in substances such as plasma, blood, serum, cellless bodily fluids, cells themselves, tissues, etc.

These products are now more than ever necessary in the daily activity of laboratories around the world. But it is also necessary against premium products that ensure that the results we get from these tests are reliable and allow us to have data with which to put strategies in the right way.

intron kit extracción ADN -ARN

DNA Extraction Kit – Intron RNA

The Intron Brand DNA and RNA Extraction Kit is one of the most complete on the market. Compared to other analysis systems, those that allow the extraction of ADRs and ARNs from this brand offer the following advantages compared to other options that we can find on the market:

– It is a system that uses a low concentration of caótropic salt and better lysis efficiency. Something that does happen with the conventional products that we have in the sector. Especially those that focus on total RNA extraction.

–It has a greater efficiency of lysis without additional additives, which means obtaining results with greater reliability since there is less chance of contagion or alterations in them.

– It is very effective in the stable extraction of DNA and RNA from various pathogenic samples.

– It employs for its proper functioning, a method without phenol and without the need to perform EtOH precipitation

– It is an appropriate system for the extraction of samples such as forensic medicine and diagnosis of diseases, among many other actions.

dna rna extraction

With all this, this kit is used with total efficiency for the extraction of DNA and total RNA that is present in samples of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria, even those found in plasma or anticoagulated blood, in serum, in cellless and cellless bodily fluids, as well as in pathogenic tissues, among many other alternatives. This makes it easy to induce lysis, and do so without using any additives.A goal that is achieved by this kit using substances such as mercaptoethanol. In addition, DNA and RNA extraction is faster and more efficient, as it is done by membrane columns. This means that DNA and RNA isolated through this analysis system can be used to perform clinical diagnosis of people and animals infected with diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Like, for example, Coronavirus.

Thus, the main – but not the only – applications of this kit are as follows:

-Detection of pathogens 


-PCR quantitative (qPCR, qRT-PCR)

-cADn synthesis

-Research of infectious diseases.

So, if you want to have top quality technology in your analyses, do not hesitate and buy this kit. You can find it in our product catalog and ask us for as many units as you need. We will take you to wherever you indicate with all the guarantees.

Remember that in Durviz we are specialists in the provision of laboratory material, a sector in which we stand out for having the exclusive distribution in Spain of several brands of international relevance.

DNA extraction kit from saliva at Durviz

Saliva is a substance that can give us a lot of information about a person’s state of health. At Durviz we know how interesting and reliable the data that can be extracted from a person’s saliva is, which is why we have products that facilitate its analysis. It is very important to have first-class products that help us to preserve the saliva sample without any contamination..

For this reason, in our virtual store we have products such as the Real Saliva Collection and Transport, one of the most popular on the market. This kit provides a fast and safe all-in-one method for the collection, stabilization and transport of saliva samples at room temperature.

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • Easy collection, transport and processing of saliva samples.
  • Painless collection, and non-invasive (as opposed to other systems where samples are taken from patients).
  • Allows saliva samples to be stored for 2 years.
  • The saliva kept in this kit is preserved and ready to be sent.
  • It allows the subsequent isolation of DNA making it an element of excellent quality and integrity.

The operation of this kit is very simple and requires few steps, which speeds up the work in the laboratory. The first thing to do is to collect the saliva samples. This is done by simply spitting into the collection funnel that has been assembled with a collection tube. This eliminates almost 100% of the possibility of contamination.

After collecting 2 millilitres of saliva (container capacity), the content of the saliva preservation solution is added and mixed with the extracted saliva. Finally, the saliva collection tube is sent to the laboratory for further isolation and DNA analysis.

This is usually recommended with the Real Pure saliva kit, which follows the same protocol and
that you get unbeatable results. The saliva samples are kept stably for more than one year at room temperature and more than 2 years if these same samples remain within the following temperature range: -20ºC or -80ºC.


For best performance, the manufacturer also recommends the following for the
when saliva samples are collected and preserved:

1. It is advisable not to eat, chew gum, drink or smoke during the 30 minutes before the saliva sample is taken.
2. It is advisable to wash out the mouth with water and wait for 10 minutes.
3. It is better if the patient rubs his cheeks and the palate with his tongue before collecting the sample. This gesture is sufficient to stimulate the secretion of saliva.
4. Before starting to collect the sample, it is convenient to place the funnel in the saliva collection tube. Then just spit the saliva into the funnel until the liquid (not including the bubbles) reaches the 2 milliliter line in the collection tube. If there are excess bubbles, they should be removed by gently tapping the tube on a hard surface.
5. Remove the blue cap from the saliva preservation solution.
6. Add the saliva-conserving solution to the collection tube.
7. Close the saliva collection tube tightly to avoid accidents or contamination.
8. Shake for 15 seconds to thoroughly mix the products with the saliva.
9. Once this procedure is done, the saliva sample is now preserved and ready to be stored, shipped or processed.

For all these reasons, this new model of Saliva Collection Kit is one of the most popular on the market. And one of the most popular among laboratory professionals.

Tapestri missionbio

MissionBio: New Brand for DNA analysis

From now on people and companies who wish to purchase MissionBio branded products in Spain can do so through the Durviz. website. This entity will be responsible for, from now on, the exclusive distribution, for our country, of the products of the firm MissionBio. A highly valued brand in the field of single cell DNA analysis using Tapestri technology.

Tapestri technology is very useful for the study of disease behavior since in their development these infections mutate and it is necessary to know how they do it to improve in applications, their treatment and their resistance.


tapestri missionbio

To achieve this, MissionBio’s Tapestri system performs the following actions:

  1. Breaking mass limitations.

At this time, Mission Bio’s Tapestri system makes the average reading of conventional mass sequencing; average reading of conventional mass sequencing is performed; which means it loses the underlying genetic diversity in cell populations. To improve patient stratification, therapy selection and disease monitoring, we need information on the occurrence of mutations within each cell and this is what MissionBio offers us with this system.


  1. The industry’s first scalable, customizable single-celled DNA analysis platform.

Tapestri is presented as the industry’s first scalable and customizable single-celled DNA analysis platform. It should be borne in mind, at this point, that the Mission Bio Tapestri platform was developed to help advance precision medicine, as its application allowed for accelerated and accessible detection of genomic variability within and between cell populations.To do this, taking advantage of the patented microfluidic droplets, the platform unlocks access to DNA at the level of individual cells with a novel two-step protease workflow. Actions whereby this methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability in our work.

In this way, the Mission Bio Tapestri platform enables the advancement of precision medicine by enabling the rapid and accessible detection of genomic variability within and between mobile populations. Something that happens by taking advantage of the patented microfluidic droplet, the platform unlocks access to DNA at the level of individual cells with a novel two-step protection workflow.

With all this, this methodology provides flexibility for additional applications and customization capability.

And this platform has the following features:

  • SNV directed and accurate and so-called independent variants.
  • Single cell DNA performance up to 10,000 cells.
  • Simple workflow.
  • Easy-to-use bioinformatics software.
  • Fully customizable content.

How Tapestri platform works

tapestri missionbio

The Tapestri instrument divides thousands of cells into individual droplets, which act as mini reaction tubes that allow thousands of individual reactions simultaneously.

In this way, cell lysis and protease digestion then continue outside the instrument allowing access to DNA and proteins for downstream amplification.

In detail, the steps in which the work of this MissionBio system is developed are as follows:

Step 1: The Tapestri instrument divides the cells into droplets along with a mixture of protease enzymes. Cell lysis and protease digestion are then performed, outside the instrument, allowing access to DNA for downstream amplification.

Step 2: Cellular lysate is combined with pearls, primers and reagents with barcode. Specific regions of interest are amplified by labeling each enlargement with a unique cell barcode, preserving the cell’s identity and mutation profile.

Step 3: After running your sequencer, the system continues to use a subsequent analysis and visualization software.To do this, Mission Bio provides dedicated bioinformatics support to help you discover biological and clinical knowledge

So, if you want to improve research based on single-cell DNA analysis, trust MisssionBio systems. In this way you can obtain the most reliable results and be able to develop very efficient strategies against different diseases.